I think Gase is the new OC..hopefully Cutler will be traded for a pick, by any means necessary.

Sure Cutler can win games, but who wants a QB who seems more concerned with his hair than being great and wining games..Al great QB’s are leaders..passionate and obsessed with winning.Cutler had the personality of dry wall, not a leader..and THAT is more important then just a big arm. David Fales is a talented prospect..He’s got a very quick release, the ball comes out in a tight spiral with good velocity, accuracy and timing. He’ll use all receivers and not just target Cutlers “favorites”..He’s passionate about being a great QB and although we don’t know much about his leadership skills, he certainly looks more interested in being great and winning games. As long as the Bears draft a great RB like Gurley and build a better run blocking OL, then that would take the pressure off of Fales to throw the ball 40 times a game.